Vennelag and its members are committed to promote and preserve the heritage and culture of Norway and other Nordic countries. Providing traditional meals, teaching cultural skills (such as rosemal, genealogy, hardanger) and Norsk language.

Events in August

August 25, 2019 - Parade - Middleton

On Sunday afternoon, August 25th, the S. S. Vennelag will sail the waters thru downtown Middleton, WI for its Good Neighbor Festival. We experienced toasty weather last August, and I would suggest dressing in light-colored, lightweight fabrics. Further information can be obtained from Vennelag Lodge President Cheryl Wille-Schlesser, 608-219-4464 or by e-mail:

August 29, 2019 - Sandra Brehl

Sandra Brehl will speak at Vennelag Lodge on August 29th. Brehl is a retired educator and is the author of numerous books, both novels and picture books for youth. She is most-known for her trilogy written for younger readers, the Odin’s Promise Series. Although this series is written with upper elementary and middle school youth in mind, they are an enjoyable and quick read for adults, too! The books center around the main character, Mari, who learns to cope with the Nazi Occupation of Norway during WWII.